Adelaide - Totem Pole Wall - Sturt Creek 2013

Totem Pole Wall - Sturt Creek - Adelaide 2013

Trailer: Funk the Authority

Adelaide - From The Archives: 003

Adelaide - These boys are getting it done...

Adelaide Free Wall - Keyo + Boyle + Tense + Fakt

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What is your favourite crew from the early nineties?

Adelaide Graffiti Book
in the works

An Adelaide Graffiti book is in the works.

Compiled by Pho with the help of many past and current graffiti participants the book will focus strictly on the decade of the 1980's. This book hopes to be an insight into the little known past of Adelaide's pioneering history and those responsible for the iconic and influential burners of the time.

For the first time Adelaide's 80's graffiti writers and their forgotten artworks will be showcased in a book that promises to be an informative and visually engaging publication.

Ever wondered who did the first panels?, who painted the first whole car?, top to bottom?, or what Adelaide's styles were like before the inevitable influence of Melbourne, Sydney or Europe crept into the artistic psyche? Well this book hopes to educate the reader to answer these questions and more.

So if you fall into the category of having being an old writer, breaker or just an admirer of the artwork seen in the 80's around Adelaide then why not dust off that old photo album in storage and make contact with us and don't forget to keep an eye out for Adelaide's graffiti book when it becomes available.